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Conversation Between Alan W. and Metsknicks
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  1. Metsknicks
    04-03-2010 09:26 PM
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Metsknicks
    08-29-2009 09:21 AM
    I'm on disability, so I've got alot of time on my hands and that's why post numbers are what they are.
  3. Metsknicks
    08-29-2009 09:19 AM
    Glad to befriend you Alan-take care, have a great weekend and see you on the forums.
  4. Alan W.
    08-29-2009 04:24 AM
    Alan W.
    Hi Bob, Just noticed your join date and your post total. WOW Thats ALOTA POSTS in just 3 months !!! Hope that you don't have sore fingers, LOL !!!
    Take Care
  5. Alan W.
    08-29-2009 04:18 AM
    Alan W.
    Hi Again,After I PM'd you I checked out your profile. Man do we have so much in common!!!,except the NY BOSTON sports rivalry.
    I too am retired due to medical issues.
    Again,THANK YOU for your compassion !!! That is such a great thing nowadays that Many people lack.
    Best Regards,

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